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Our turtleneck

The heavy raw material from which the Essential Turtleneck is made, sourced and treated in a caring way by hand and machine. This way we maintain the quality and purity of the cotton 
The Essential Turtleneck is made out of high 430 GSM fabric, this means that you’ll experience a greater comfort due to the higher density of the fibers. This higher quality also enlarges the durability and longevity of your Essential Turtleneck.
Standing in, by standing out. The sleek design of the Essential Turtleneck makes it perfect to be worn in the office or on the streets. Comfort and style balance each other in full harmony. 
The Fitment of the Essential Turtleneck is perfected to fit every body and sex, use our handy size chart to choose the perfect size for you.

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essential turtlenecks

Business chic and useable for every day. Combining class and ultimate comfort.

Turtleneck Vivid-Yellow Black

 150,00 inc. BTW

Turtleneck Raven-Black

 150,00 inc. BTW

Turtleneck Pearl-White

 150,00 inc. BTW

Turtleneck Neon-Pink Black

 150,00 inc. BTW

Turtleneck Neon-Yellow Black

 150,00 inc. BTW

Turtleneck Navy-Blue

 150,00 inc. BTW

Turtleneck Lava-Grey

 150,00 inc. BTW

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