Lone Wolves x DAPD

Working together to make true heroes feel like childs again.

Why American police vehicles and clothing? 

We have very consciously chosen to use American police vehicles. We also have other very special vehicles and the accompanying decorations. This because it seems to appeal to the imagination of the target group. The vehicles and clothing are known to the children from television series and movies. Because of this they contribute to the fantasy experience that is so important to them. It is exciting, impressive and even more special than ‘ordinary’ Dutch emergency vehicles. In addition, these children have often been in contact with Dutch emergency vehicles (ambulances) at difficult moments. This can give them a more ‘negative’ memory. The American setting stimulates a positive fantasy experience, which helps them to (temporarily) forget the heaviness of their everyday life. In addition, the American police vehicles are very different from the Dutch police vehicles. This prevents as much as possible that other road users confuse us with the real police. 

What is the Dutch American Police Department Foundation (DAPD)? 

The Dutch American Police Department Foundation is a group of enthusiastic volunteers. Our goal is to give children (and sometimes adults) who are having a hard time in their lives a positive experience. This may be because they suffer from a chronic physical, mental and/or terminal illness.  We do this by guiding and listening to rides and events for this target group. For this we use (replicas of) original American police vehicles and other special vehicles. To make the experience as real as possible, we use vehicles that resemble police vehicles that are or have actually been used in the USA. We also use the original clothing used by the relevant police service during events. 

What exactly does the DAPD Foundation do? 

Our main objective is, as said before, to provide the most beautiful and enjoyable experience possible for children (and sometimes adults). Whether they are going through a very difficult and stressful time for medical or psychological reasons. We have several possibilities to give this form. Several possibilities can be combined. Below are a number of these possibilities: 

  • Ride guidance with for example Truckruns or sidecar rides. 
  • Presence at events for the target group. Here the vehicles can be viewed and the children can take place under supervision. 
  • Re-enactment of police actions of the American police for events of the target group. (This explicitly does not happen on public roads!) 
  • Transportation of persons from the target group as part of a special wish. This happens at the request of Wens-Foundations and only if the medical condition allows it. 
  • Fullfill special (last) wishes where possible.

Does DAPD Foundation do more? 

Yes, they do! As said before, we are a group of enthusiastic volunteers and we fill these tasks with love unpaid. We are only partly dependent on donations and sponsorship. For example to keep the vehicles in a good condition and to be able to keep driving. Or to be able to buy tangible memories for the Little Heroes. To be able to organize Last Wish Days down to the last detail. Thanks to our sponsors and donations we can be a positive addition to as many events and requests as possible. 

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